Denys Wortman - NA
The Artist as a Newspaper Cartoonist  

Denys Wortman's work as a cartoonist was what he was known for and how he made his living.  For thirty years (from 1924 to 1954), six days a week, Mr. Wortman produced a new drawing for "Metropolitan Movies", his newspaper cartoon depicting episodes in the lives of an assortment of colorful characters, the most notable being "Mopey Dick and the Duke", a couple of lovable vagrants who commented on life in America from the Depression through World War II and into the early fifties.  

This site is my attempt to share the collective works, wit, and insight of my father.  In viewing his cartoons, one will find a striking resemblance to the plight of today's realities, reminding us all of the timeless humor of social and cultural mores. 

Enjoy, rekindle some memories, and most of all, simply laugh!  

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