Welcome to the Two Worlds of Denys Wortman
The Life and Works of Denys Wortman
Painter and Cartoonist

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     Denys Wortman - NA               1887-1958

"We cartoonists are happy that Denys Wortman has thrown in his lot with our profession.  With his great talent he had his choice of
all branches of the arts."

"Besides, Denny is a great guy - with a blue eye that never loses
its joyous twinkle."

                 - Rube Goldberg


New Book - "Denys Wortman's New York"

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Denys Wortman "Rediscovered"

Nov 18, 2010 through Mar 20, 2011
Museum of the City of New York 1220 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10029